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Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading Journal and Eating Clean

2011, wow where did that year go? Definitely cannot see on this blog how busy I was, well maybe you can, there isn't anything here because I didn't have time.

I'd like to use this blog to keep track of what I'm doing and then be able to look back and relive moments. No matter how big or small. ***fingers crossed***

I realized last month that the lack of documentation on my part has left me with some regret. I've been reading books steady for probably 24 years and not once did I think to keep a reading journal. I mentioned this to my bonus mother and she kindly gifted me with a journal this Christmas. I've read two books so far and made sure they were documented. I also found a great site, see book shelf to the right, from I'm slowly adding books from past reading (that I can remember of course). There will be many forgotten unfortunately.

What else for 2011?

Back in October we started Eating Clean. Read Tosca Reno if interested. Hubby and I started cooking again (new hobby the both of us can enjoy together). I lost 11 pounds by Christmas, and worked hard over the holidays not to gain back what I'd lost. I only gained 1 pound (thank God). So in 2011 we will continue to Eat Clean, I look forward to posting recipes that I try and enjoy.

Signing off till next time

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  1. oh I am glad you are blogging again.. so much catching up to do.. COngrats on losing 11 pounds.. I am going to try this year.. hoping to do the same.. it is a hard thing for me.
    Oh more recipes.. I love it.. keep it going.. btw.. love the book shelf.. so cool.