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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Call Me Russell

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Edition: eBook
Finished December 2010

Cover (from the Hardcover Edition)

Up-close personal and yes funny - this is the must-have celebrity memoir of the year. This candid first-person memoir chronicles Russell's life from his humble beginnings in suburbia as a scrawny brown bullied kid with ADD all the way to his remarkable rise as one of the world's top-earning comics. This is a shockingly honest book filled with poignant memories of his family his life and his career. Call Me Russell is a deeply inspirational story for aspiring artists of any culture about having hope working hard and dreaming big.

My Thoughts

Russell Peters "The Brown Comic" born and raised right here in Ontario, Canada.  I remember the first time my son introduced me to Russell Peters and his comedy.  We sat in the kitchen, heads together in front of the lap top and laughed till our tummies hurt.  I couldn't wait for my husband to come home so we could watch it all over again.  I really wanted to see my husband's reactions, you see it takes a lot to get my husband to have a good laugh.  So when the viewing of Russell Peters brought uproarious laughter from my husband I knew this comedian was a hit.

Having said all that, when I was browsing for a new book to read last November on I stumbled across his book.  I was quite anxious to purchase it and get right to reading.

I enjoyed learning about his personal life, the ups and down, highs and lows.  I could identify with his ADD and troubles with school, as my son is experiencing high school in a similar way.  I was able to feel his emotion with the retelling of many events from his past.

The only down side to this book was the language.  Could it have been worse? Yes.  Have I read worse?  Yes.  If you have an aversion to language please beware.

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  1. Thanks for the review! My daughter has ADHD and it's definitely been a challenge for her in school. Plus we love comedy routines too. I may have to YouTube him and check out his stuff. :)