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Thursday, February 12, 2015


I don't know about the rest of you but with these frigid temperatures I'm really tired of this winter - come on spring.  There is nothing like a nice warm day with a gentle breeze - open the windows and let the fresh air into the house.  This time of year I like to light candles and fill the house with a gentle fragrance, nothing to strong or over powering.

During a trip to Boston, Mass. last fall with my family, my mother-in-law introduced me to the store Yankee Candle Company.  We spent a good hour smelling the different scents.   I was having trouble deciding ~ a lady (who was also shopping) approached me and told me to smell her favourite candle Bay Leaf Wreath - I left the store with one as well as a few more candles for myself and some gifts.


To view this candle on Yankee Candle website please click here

Bay Leaf Wreath has now become my favourite candle.  It has a nice fresh scent, not strong and overpowering like pine.

Update February 16, 2015:  Bay Leaf Wreath is a seasonal item, only available in the fall.  I was able to get a couple of the large jar candles.

I also liked

Unfortunately the EggNog is a seasonal scent (hopefully it will be available again around November). I burnt this one at the office to add a bit of cheer last December.

I love these candles, they burn evenly and fill my home with lovely gentle scent.  Some are very strong so I highly recommend a trip to the store so you can remove the lid and have a sniff.  Very happy that Yankee Candle stores are now open in Canada, well they may have been for a while but I was unaware.

I'm taking a trip (much shorter one than the trip to Boston) to Yankee Candle this weekend, my Bay Leaf Wreath is almost gone and I want to take a sniff at




hopefully one of them will smell similar to the EGGNOG.

Update February 16,, 2015:  Neither smelled like the EggNog, but I did buy Cookies and Cream.  Ive been burning it for two days now, it smells like buttered popcorn to me.  Very sweet, I will not be purchasing this candle again.

Try to stay warm is you are experiencing this unrelenting deep freeze.

Signing off till next time ......