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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Library Thursday ~ March 10

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I'm not usually one to visit the library.  New books are published and I'm to impatient to wait on the hold list for the book.  I'd spend hours at the local book store and mega dollars, leaving with stacks of books.  Pick one or two books to read, never finishing the stack before there were more books to purchase.  Probably like many of you, my house is full of "to be read" books.  The books took over and my husband (who does like to read) asked kindly if I could make some changes.  First I purchased a Kobo (reading device)  purchased books will now take up space in my computer, not the floor space of multiple rooms and I swore I would start to use the library and only purchase when it was absolutely necessary.  LOL to that comment.
So that being said, I have many books on hold at the library, and in some cases I'm the 100 th or so person in line.

I'm pleased to say that I received an e-mail today announcing that a book has been placed on the hold shelf for me and I will be stopping by later to pick it up.

The closest library for me is in the local mall.

The book waiting to be picked up is.......

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Happy Reading everyone.  Signing off till next time.


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