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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Material Things

Life has been kind of difficult these past couple of years, sudden deaths of parents and dementia.  We have been dealing with rough times so when our sweet Niece A was born she was the light in our darkness.

This past January we took a long over due trip with M-I-L to visit cousins in Owen Sound.  M-I-L and I got loose in a fabric store.  Niece A being my inspiration to get back into crafting, I bought fabric, I haven't sewn anything since I made clothes for my son 16 years ago.

Blankets are a great place to start.

Miss A wrapped up and keeping warm in a double sided fleece blanket.

Over sized receiving blanket made out of double sided flannel.  I remember one of my husband's aunts making me a few of these when my son was born.  They were my favourite and feel that every new mom should have one.

 My first attempt at quilting.

Signing off till next time.

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