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Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogging Challenge Aprill 2011 ~ C

It's Monday, the beginning of the work week and the day for the letter "C".

Favourite Authors
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ Lords of the White Castle
Collins, Suzanne ~ The Hunger Games Trilogy


I cannot tell you when I started crafting exactly, my mother is a crafter and I learned everything from her.  I'm not talking about scrap booking, don't get me wrong I love scrap booking....well at least looking at other peoples creations.  I have a great friend who does wonderful work with scrap booking, but it just isn't for me.  For my followers who like scrap booking please have a look at Angie's Blog.
My earliest memory of a craft was a wool needle point of Raggedy Ann and Andy that my mother and I worked on together, she was probably the one that did the most work.  There was the hickory dickory dock rug hook project, I remember helping her with that.  The rug hung in the upstairs hallway.  I loved how the cat at the bottom of the picture watched the clock mouse.
After I mastered these two techniques my mother taught me how to cross stitch.  Many pictures and projects I have made.
My favourite crafting today is crocheting, again another craft I learned from my mother. I remember as a little girl listening to my Nana knit, the sound of her knitting needles was so soothing and I couldn't believe that she could watch TV and not look at her work, I was mesmerized.  Unfortunately no matter how much I tried I could not master the art of knitting. 

Signing off till next time.


  1. This was most interesting, I used to knit but not so hot on needlework. Great post.

  2. Thank you Yvonne. Off to your blog for a visit.

  3. I also remember my gran sitting knitting, she used to knit all our sweaters when we were little, tried to knit one for myself years ago and it never did get 2 arms,gave up half way through. thanks for following and look forward to reading more :) BTW Where in Scotland did your husbands 4x GGrandfather come from? x